Work and Projects

01 | Green Owl Consulting

In 2014, I founded Green Owl Consulting to provide virtual financial, bookkeeping, and CFO services for nonprofit organizations and social enterprises of all structures and sizes. We prioritize working with organizations with a strong social and racial equity focus.

Read more about it here.

**Due to health reasons, Green Owl Consulting is on hiatus until further notice.

02 | Caldera

I joined the Caldera team in the Spring of 2017 to manage their financial and general operations. It was a time of turmoil in the department -- there hadn't really been anyone managing the finances, HR, insurance, etc for awhile and the organization needed to get back on track. (Such exciting work for me and it's where I thrive!)


Caldera is also where​ I really expanded my learning and growth in racial equity work. I'm incredibly grateful to them for that and continue to prioritize this work with them.

You can learn more about Caldera here.
03 | St. Francis Center

I spent two years at St. Francis Center helping them build their Accounting and HR department from the ground up. It was thrilling to be able to set up and implement structure and policies in Accounting, HR, and IT where none had existed before. I loved being able to create in this way and leave them with a well-functioning system. Ahh beautiful.

You can check out SFC's site here.

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