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I'm deeply motivated by social, racial, and environmental justice (and where they intersect).


My strengths lie in helping organizations stabilize and strengthen the business side of things, and so I try to do my part by prioritizing partnerships with nonprofit and other mission-focused organizations.

Note: Services are typically provided through my business, Green Owl Consulting, but not always. I'm happy to work with you one on one.

Finance & Accounting
desktop business accounting - 2500x1440.



Focused on nonprofits and small businesses, the work I do in finance & accounting ranges widely.


Check out some examples below:

  • Nonprofit Fund Accounting

  • Full Cycle Bookkeeping

  • Budget Development and Tracking

  • Financial Analysis

  • Accrual & Cash Forecasting
  • Audit & 990 Prep
  • General Ledger Cleanup
  • Grant Tracking & Reporting
  • Accounting System Setup, Conversion, & Implementation

  • Fixed Asset Management

  • Financial Policy Development

  • Financial Strategy

  • Board & Management Reporting

  • Internal Control Assessment




Traditionally, HR has been structured with a company-first mindset. The work I do in HR is centered around dismantling those traditions and instead creating an environment that better supports employees.

This work can include:

  • HR Management

  • Payroll Setup and Processing

  • Employee Benefit Management

  • Hiring and Recruitment

  • Onboarding an Training

  • Salary & Benefits Analysis

  • Offboarding and Termination

  • Handbook Development

Human Resources


What falls under "Operations"? Think: All of the other behind-the-scenes stuff that your organization needs to function. 

Generally it's:

Administration + Processes + Compliance

Some examples:

  • Insurance Needs by Organization Type

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Process Automation & Optimization

  • Policy Creation & Implementation

  • Basic IT Assessment

  • Strategic Goal Setting



Have a project in mind?

Thinking about first getting an assessment of your needs or an analysis of your current systems?

This is where you can dream big and begin a discussion about where your needs and pain points are.

Let's chat!


I'm fascinated and energized by the idea of discovering and eradicating white dominant culture in financial, HR, and other operational policies.


I'm very interested in exploring where white supremacy shows up in seemingly innocuous places and then coming up with creative (and still legally-compliant) ways of combating it.

Interested in discussing possible work? Let's talk. >>
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