What I do best.

I'm deeply motivated by social, racial, and environmental justice (and where they intersect).


My strengths lie in helping organizations stabilize and strengthen the business side of things, and so I try to do my part by prioritizing partnerships with nonprofit and other mission-focused organizations.

Finance & Accounting

  • Nonprofit Fund Accounting

  • Full Cycle Bookkeeping

  • Budget Development and Tracking

  • Financial Analysis

  • Accrual & Cash Forecasting
  • Audit & 990 Prep
  • General Ledger Cleanup
  • Grant Tracking & Reporting

  • Accounting System Setup, Conversion, & Implementation

  • Fixed Asset Management

  • Financial Policy Development

  • Financial Strategy

  • Board & Management Reporting

  • Internal Control Assessment

Human Resources

  • HR Management

  • Payroll Setup and Processing

  • Employee Benefit Management

  • Hiring and Candidate Selection

  • Salary & Benefits Analysis

  • Employee Training

  • Safety Manual Development

Operations & Management

  • Insurance & Compliance

  • Process Automation & Optimization

  • Equity Plan Implementation

  • Policy Creation & Implementation

  • IT Assessment

  • Goal Setting

  • Training

I'm also fascinated and energized by the idea of discovering and eradicating white dominant culture in financial, HR, and other operational policies.


I'm very interested in exploring where white supremacy shows up in seemingly innocuous places and then coming up with creative (and still legally-compliant) ways of combating it.

Some Context.

Formal Education

Pepperdine University
Graduate School of Education & Psychology

M.A. Social Entrepreneurship & Change


My graduate program at Pepperdine was focused on impactful leadership, organizational management and effecting positive and sustainable change.

San Francisco State University
College of Business

B.S. Business Administration, Accounting


I studied business for my undergrad with a concentration in Accounting at SF State.

Design Institute of San Diego

Interior Design

I began my educational career studying design in San Diego. The program was fascinating and I absolutely loved exploring a variety of different art forms. Ultimately, I decided it wasn't where I wanted to focus my career.

Center for Equity & Inclusion

Reframing Racism: Language and Tools for Advancing Equity

Went through an intense and transformative workshop to build a solid foundation for doing racial equity work.

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