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About me

Born and raised in a culturally diverse household in the Los Angeles area, I became explicitly aware of oppression and the pervasiveness of structural racism after moving to the much less diverse city of Portland, Oregon. Being more aware of injustice and relearning history has brought focus and clarity to my life. It is now my personal and professional mission to root out white supremacy wherever I can and to help build a society and planet where BIPOC can thrive.


My experience and education is in nonprofit financial and operational management. I tend to be drawn to organizations that are in periods of growth, flux, and change, probably because I’ve always loved puzzles and solving complex problems. My strengths include thinking strategically, setting and achieving goals, and working towards a shared vision of the future. And these strengths have afforded me the opportunity to be successful in the form of fulfilling roles at values-aligned organizations.

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Formal Education​ & Certifications

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Pepperdine University
Graduate School of Education & Psychology

M.A. Social Entrepreneurship & Change


My graduate program at Pepperdine was focused on impactful leadership, organizational management and effecting positive and sustainable change.

San Francisco State University
College of Business

B.S. Business Administration, Accounting


I studied business for my undergrad with a concentration in Accounting at SF State.

Design Institute of San Diego

Interior Design

I began my educational career studying design in San Diego. The program was fascinating and I absolutely loved exploring a variety of different art forms. Ultimately, I decided it wasn't where I wanted to focus my career.

Center for Equity & Inclusion

Reframing Racism: Language and Tools for Advancing Equity

Went through an intense and transformative workshop to build a solid foundation for doing racial equity work.

HR Certification Institute

Professional in Human Resources (PHR) Certification

Mastery of the technical and operational aspects of HR management, including U.S. laws and regulations. 

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